More men explain why they are sick and tired of American women


Here are some more comments from various American men about how they are so tired and disgusted with American women:


Why are American women so promiscuous? America loves to talk about her values, but in reality America is a deceitful slut, "Americans suffer from negative health effects brought on by their sexual conduct at a rate that is three times higher than other economically advanced countries, according to a study published in Sexually Transmitted Infections." The average American female loses her virginity at 15 years of age, and indulges in fornication with multiply sexually partners before reaching her mid-20s. Why is this so? "According to a study featured in the Journal of Sex Research, various studies have shown that a majority of adolescents first engage in sexual intercourse before they graduate from high school." America loves to talk about conservative Christians values. But in reality true Christians values regarding sex is align to most American "Christians." The Bible teaches people to be abstinence before marriage, yet to most American "Christians," casual sex is seen as the norm and is practice regulary by most women, and men. Why is this so? Why are American women such sluts?


Have you ever heard of a place called the Middle East? People living in that region of the world don't have sex with millions of people before getting married. American women are prostitutes compared to Middle Eastern women.


Why do american men put up with american bitchy women? When he could get more respect by going to a country like Brazil or Japan or parts of europe and find a women that would be a better wife and hotter with no kids then an american women?? Way settle for single moms?? I just see guys stress out and tell me how american women are, then why put up with a fat loud mouth? American women do tend to be much bitchier than women in other countries. So many of them strive to be shallow princesses like Paris Hilton here. Talk about a stupid role model.


American girls will divorce you and sue you for everything you have, and leave you with nothing. American women are feminist assholes that do not know how to take care of a man. They donít know how to cook good food. One reason why so many americans are fat, because the women are lousy cooks and donít know anything. I recently married a woman from the Philippines. We been together for a long time. She is a wonderful wife, and her native food is very healthy. She dosenít need to diet in order to look beautiful, because her native food is sufficient. The only thing American women know how to prepare is healthier burgers LOL. Too busy for anything so they try to make fast food into something healthy, like convenience food. Sure, there are alot of nice looking American girls, but that dosenít turn me on at all. I can just look at a beautiful horse or a well-groomed cat, it is just the same LOL. But the Asian women, especially Eastern European are the best, very beautiful women, with the good attitude along with it. They make good wifes, they are family oriented, friendly, without that western attitiude crap you see from western women. Alot of guys are looking overseas for a companion because they are sick of the bullshit from american women. American women have snotty stuck up attitudes, and that is enough to put a man in an early grave. My filipina wife treats me with dignity, respect, and also take care of me, and because of that I also do the same for her. Respect goes both ways. American women are feminist pigs who thing men are scum of the earth. Well, you can only live up to their expectations, they think we are pigs, then we can only live up to their expectation of us and act like pigs. You go to other country and meet other women, they are so different from American women in all ways. Men, donít marry an american woman. Donít do that to yourself. Keep your options open. Expand your horizons.


Over the years people in foreign countries have complained about the attitude of American women. Now that I am overseas I notice this with the women. American women have such bad attitudes when it comes to dating. You give them all that you could and more. You put all you can into a relationship to make things better for both of you. And yet these women are never satisfied. Another thing, why do women complain about men when they constantly date losers??? If the guy treated you like crap why did you date him in the first place???? And if he continued to treat you like crap, why didn't you just leave him??? A smart woman would never do something that dumb!!! A smart woman wouldn't blame every man on the planet for their problems!!! A smart woman would date someone more decent! Are there a lack of intelligent women in the US or something? Outside of the US, women tend to be more down to earth and humble. You could actually talk to someone and not worry about them giving you an attitude. Women actually say "thank you" or "oh I'm sorry" or "hi how are you", ect!!! These women also appreciate a good conversation and actually have manners. A WOMAN WITH MANNERS....IMAGINE THAT......YOU COULD ONLY FIND SOMETHING LIKE THAT OUT OF THE UNITED STATES!!


Virgins are looked down upon in America. I know that from personal experience. Most American women want men that have had sex with millions of women, yet the same stupid women complains about men cheating on them. That's a stupid hooker's mentality. The truth is, most women in America getting married for the first time are not virgins. When women wed, most have had sex with millions of men, and their husband are getting leftover. The sounds like a slut to me!


I agree American women are sluts.....look at all those women who are having premarital sex and they are Church going women. So if the Church going women are having out of wedlock births then you know the rest of the women are giving it up. If you ask me, you can't turn the average American women into a respectable human!


My repulsion for a lot of American women is mainly because of their promiscuousness -- that is what I was saying in my first post. Before the average American woman reaches the age of 25, she has had sex with multiply guys tons of times. Now, that is disgusting, and, yes, Iím singling out American women because immigrant women arenít like this, from what I observe.


Actually American chicks are sluts. I came to the US on a student visa and noticed a big different over my country(Spain). Here, it seams parents dont give a sh1t what their kids are doing or where they are. I had friends here in the us that lost their virginity as young a 11. Many american parents even have their young daughters/son's partners in their house like it's second nature. They even let them hang in their bedrooms. If I were to try to slip a foot into my girl's house her dad would kill me. In the US, my first girlfriend I had fully exposed herself to me after only a few days and we were having relations in less than a week. In spain, I had to ask for permission to even date my lady and didn't receive a kiss till a few months after dating.